MAA PREP Online Workshop 2003

Interactive Least Squares Regression:
Picturing Functions

John Pais and Ray Robb

Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water
Lugano Fountain Sion Fountain Sydney Opera House
Sand Dune
Boomerang Coaster Graffiti Roman Colosseum

Carneval Tuba
South Africa


We are gradually incorporating exercises into each of the picture workspaces above. For a familiarization exercise start with the Lugano Fountain, and then go to Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water. Both of these now have an Ex.1 button on the first page.

New (December 2003) 

John Pais has extended this work to develop a Bezier Curves Exploration, which he has used in his current Calculus II course.


Sources for the images:  BigFoto , Digital Wallpapers

We thank the following mathematicians for making their various applets available to be used and modified: 
David Eck for his Java Components for Mathematics RiemannSums applet (converted to our ArcLength applet), 
Bryan Lewis for his SimpleLeastSquares applet (converted to our LeastSquares4 applet), and 
Frank Wattenberg for his Lite Applet Image and Cursor (converted to our Image_and_Cursor3Fcns applet). 

Also, we thank another workshop participant, Tami Matsumoto, for very helpful suggestions that greatly improved the user interface of the website and applets.

Finally, we are grateful to Lang Moore and David Smith for hosting the Authoring Online Interactive Materials in Mathematics 2003 MAA PREP Workshop at Duke University.

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